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  • Amazon SageMaker Distribution is now available on Code Editor based on Code-OSS and JupyterLab 30. november 2023
    Amazon SageMaker Studio offers fully integrated development environments (IDEs) for machine learning (ML). In July 2023, we launched Amazon SageMaker Distribution, a collection of docker images which includes the most popular libraries for ML on Amazon SageMaker Studio and Amazon Studio Lab. Today, we are extending the support for Amazon SageMaker Distribution on two popular […]
  • AWS Fault Injection Service launches two highly requested scenarios 30. november 2023
    Today, AWS Fault Injection Service (FIS) announces the availability of two new scenarios, AZ Availability: Power Interruption and Cross-Region: Connectivity. The AZ Availability: Power Interruption scenario allows you to determine how a multi-AZ application will operate while experiencing the expected symptoms of a complete power interruption in a single AZ. The Cross-Region: Connectivity scenario helps […]
  • Bring your own Amazon EFS (Elastic File System) volume to JupyterLab and CodeEditor in Amazon SageMaker Studio 30. november 2023
    Amazon SageMaker Studio is a single web-based interface with comprehensive machine learning (ML) tools and a choice of fully managed integrated development environments (IDEs) to perform every step of ML development, from preparing data to building, training, deploying, and managing ML models. Amazon EFS is a simple, serverless, set-and-forget, elastic file system that makes it […]
  • Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller launches zonal autoshift 30. november 2023
    Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller now offers zonal autoshift, a feature that you can enable to safely and automatically shift your application’s traffic away from an AWS Availability Zone (AZ) when AWS identifies a potential failure affecting that AZ. For failures such as power and networking outages, zonal autoshift improves the availability of your […]
  • Amazon Inspector enhances container image security by integrating with developer tools 30. november 2023
    Amazon Inspector now integrates with leading developer tools like Jenkins and TeamCity for container image assessments. This integration allows developers to assess their container images for software vulnerabilities within their Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) tools, pushing security earlier in the software development lifecycle. Assessment findings are conveniently available within the CI/CD tool’s dashboard, […]
  • Amazon SageMaker Studio now provides a faster fully-managed notebooks in JupyterLab 30. november 2023
    Amazon SageMaker Studio is a single web-based interface with comprehensive machine learning (ML) tools and a choice of fully managed integrated development environments (IDEs) to perform every step of ML development, from preparing data to building, training, deploying, and managing ML models. Today, we are excited to announce a new and faster fully managed JupyterLab […]
  • Amazon SageMaker now provides a new setup and onboarding experience on AWS SageMaker console 30. november 2023
    Today, we are excited to announce a new onboarding and administration experience that makes it easy to setup and manage Amazon SageMaker domains. The setup and onboarding flow on console has been redesigned from the ground up to provide a friendlier one click experience for individual users and a step-by-step guide for Enterprise ML Administrators […]
  • New and improved Amazon SageMaker Studio 30. november 2023
    Starting today, SageMaker Studio offers a suite of IDEs, including Code Editor based on Code-OSS Visual Studio Code Open Source, improved and faster JupyterLab, and RStudio. ML practitioners can choose their preferred IDE to accelerate ML development, for example, a data scientist could use JupyterLab and training jobs in Studio to explore data and tune […]
  • Introducing an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) extension for AWS Application Composer 30. november 2023
    Today, Amazon Web Services, Inc. launches the general availability of Application Composer in VS Code, available as part of the AWS Toolkit. You can use AWS Application Composer’s drag-and-drop interface to create an application design from scratch or import an existing application definition to edit it. 
  • Announcing Code Editor, based on Code-OSS (VS Code – Open Source), in Amazon SageMaker Studio 30. november 2023
    Today, AWS announces the general availability of a new integrated development environment (IDE) option in Amazon SageMaker Studio: Code Editor, based on Code-OSS (Visual Studio Code – Open Source). You can now boost your analytics and machine learning (ML) teams’ productivity by using the lightweight and powerful IDE with its familiar shortcuts and terminal as […]

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  • New and upcoming capabilities with Elastic Cloud (Elasticsearch)—An Azure Native ISV Service 10. mai 2023
    Microsoft and Elastic partnered together in 2020 to build an Elastic Cloud (Elasticsearch)—An Azure Native ISV Service to create cloud native deeply integrated experiences for all Azure and Elastic customers to power their digital transformation. Since general availability, thanks to you, this service is growing rapidly while improving efficiency for all its customers.
    Vikas Singhvi
  • What’s new with Azure Files 10. mai 2023
    In this blog we will talk about how SAP ECS uses Azure Files NFS shares as part of their default deployment and we’ll also announce some of the big NFS feature we’ve been working over the past year including: new 99.99 percent SLA, snapshot support, and nconnect.
    Jurgen Willis
  • Insights from the 2023 Open Confidential Computing Conference 8. mai 2023
    I had the opportunity to participate in this year's Open Confidential Computing Conference (OC3), hosted by our software partner, Edgeless Systems. This year's event was particularly noteworthy due to a panel discussion on the impact and future of confidential computing. The panel featured some of the industry's most respected technology leaders including Greg Lavender, Chief Technical Officer […]
    Mark Russinovich
  • Microsoft Cost Management updates—April 2023 3. mai 2023
    April introduces scheduled cost alerts for Azure Government and a wealth of tips and new ways to save with Microsoft 365 and Azure, plus 8 new and updated docs. Enjoy!
    Michael Flanakin
  • Preparing for future health emergencies with Azure HPC 3. mai 2023
    COVID-19 has forever changed how nations function in the globally interconnected economy. To this day, it continues to affect and shape how countries respond to health emergencies.
    Rudeon Snell
  • Azure Virtual WAN introduces its first SaaS offering 2. mai 2023
    Today we are excited to announce preview of the Palo Alto Networks Cloud Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), available as a software as a service (SaaS) offering in Azure Virtual WAN.
    Reshmi Yandapalli
  • Secure your cloud environment with Cloud Next-Generation Firewall by Palo Alto Networks, an Azure Native ISV Service—now in preview 2. mai 2023
    We are excited to announce the preview of Cloud Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) for Azure, Palo Alto Networks’ Next Generation Firewall offering on Microsoft Azure.
    Rohit Tatachar
  • ISC 2023: Experience the power of HPC in the cloud with Microsoft Azure 1. mai 2023
    The ISC High-Performance Event (ISC), formerly known as International Supercomputing Conference, is one of the most important events in the high-performance computing (HPC) industry, bringing together some of the world's most prominent researchers, developers, vendors, and users to discuss the latest advancements in HPC technology. Microsoft Azure has had a major presence at ISC for […]
    Rachel Pruitt
  • Managing IP with Microsoft Azure and Cliosoft 27. april 2023
    By implementing a well-designed Cliosoft IP Source Code Management Platform on Microsoft Azure, enterprise customers can leverage the power of both systems to achieve high scalability, collaboration, availability, and reliability in their product development cycles.
    Rachel Pruitt
  • What’s new in Azure Data & AI: Helping organizations manage the data deluge 27. april 2023
    Whether you have large, complex AI workloads or you simply want to make the most of intelligent capabilities in your existing applications, Microsoft and our partners are ready to help you accelerate your productivity with data and AI.
    Jessica Hawk