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  • Amazon Connect Tasks now supports custom task templates in flows 24. mars 2023
    Amazon Connect now allows you to use custom task templates using the “Create task” block in Connect Flows, making it easier for agents to capture the right information to create and complete tasks. Amazon Connect Tasks empowers you to prioritize, assign, and track all contact center agent tasks to completion, improving agent productivity and ensuring […]
  • Amazon EMR on EKS adds managed and self-managed node groups support for managed endpoints 24. mars 2023
    We are excited to announce the support for EKS clusters with both managed and self-managed node groups when using interactive Spark workloads via managed managed endpoints. Amazon EMR on EKS enables  customers to run open-source big data frameworks such as Apache Spark on Amazon EKS. Amazon EMR on EKS customers setup and use a managed endpoint (available […]
  • Amazon EMR on EKS adds support for JEG pod placement for managed endpoints 24. mars 2023
    We are excited to announce support for defining where a Jupyter Enterprise Gateway (JEG) pod can be deployed when running interactive Spark workloads using managed endpoints. Amazon EMR on EKS enables customers to run open-source big data frameworks such as Apache Spark on Amazon EKS. Amazon EMR on EKS customers setup and use a managed […]
  • Amazon MSK adds support for Apache Kafka version 3.3.2 in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions 24. mars 2023
    Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK) now supports Apache Kafka version 3.3.2 for new and existing clusters. Apache Kafka 3.3.2 includes several bug fixes and new features that improve performance. Some of the key features include enhancements to fetch from the closest replica and metrics. Amazon MSK will continue to use and manage […]
  • Amazon Detective announces increased quota limits for data volumes 24. mars 2023
    Amazon Detective has increased the daily quota limits for behavior graph data volumes. With the increased limits, Detective can now ingest up to 10 TB per day to help you conduct more comprehensive security investigations and provide broader summaries and visualizations of behaviors in your AWS accounts.
  • Analyze log patterns, metrics and Jaeger traces with new observability features in Amazon OpenSearch Service 24. mars 2023
    Today we launched new observability features including log patterns, metrics analytics and support for Jaeger traces with OpenSearch 2.5 in Amazon OpenSearch Service.
  • AWS Batch launches support for configurable Ephemeral Storage on AWS Fargate 24. mars 2023
    AWS Batch now enables you to configure ephemeral storage up to 200 GiB in size on AWS Fargate type jobs. This means that you can expand the available ephemeral storage beyond the default value of 20 GiB for your jobs when using Fargate as the compute platform on AWS Batch. With this launch, you no […]
  • Announcing the latest release of AWS Thinkbox Deadline 10.2 23. mars 2023
    Deadline 10.2.1 is now generally available and adds new functionality with support for launching and managing Spot Fleets in multiple AWS regions from the same Spot Event Plugin and a new worker version tag for instances running on Amazon EC2.
  • Amazon ECS provides contextual failure reasons for troubleshooting task launches with capacity providers 23. mars 2023
    Amazon Elastic Container Services (Amazon ECS) now provides contextual failure reasons that make it easier to troubleshoot task launch failures when customers use capacity providers for auto scaling the compute capacity in their cluster.
  • Amazon IVS now supports multiple hosts in live streams 23. mars 2023
    Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) now lets developers combine video from multiple hosts into the source for a live stream. With this feature, Amazon IVS adds a new resource called a stage. A stage is a virtual space where participants can exchange audio and video in real time. You then broadcast a stage to […]

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  • Kubernetes redirect: what you need to know as an Anthos or GKE user 24. mars 2023
    In November 2022, the open source Kubernetes project announced that its new image registry,, was officially GA. The new registry would replace the legacy registry, with getting no further updates after April 3, 2023. To assist in this transition and ensure that users of earlier Kubernetes releases and tooling can update to […]
  • Appathon shows students and soldiers ease of no-code app development 24. mars 2023
    It’s no secret that hackathons can be a great way to quickly generate creative solutions to complex problems. With a well-crafted brief and a set of operating constraints, hackathon participants can innovate quickly and collaborate openly—often generating the beginnings of notable software advancements. This spirit of rapid innovation came to life recently when the Department […]
  • How AI can improve digital security 24. mars 2023
    AI is having a transformative moment and causing profound shifts in what’s possible with technology. It has the power to unlock the potential of communities, companies, and countries around the world, bringing meaningful and positive change that could improve billions of peoples’ lives. Similarly, as these technologies advance, they have the potential to vastly improve […]
  • Gleaning security insights from audit logs with Log Analytics 24. mars 2023
    Cloud Audit logs serve a vital purpose in Google Cloud by helping customers meet their compliance and security requirements. Log Analytics, a recent feature addition to Cloud Logging, brings new capabilities to search, aggregate and transform logs at query time using the power of SQL. Together with predefined queries in Community Security Analytics, Log Analytics […]
  • Anthos Service Mesh: Working with external services - Metrics and Traces 24. mars 2023
    Recently I had to advise a customer on how to use Anthos Service Mesh (ASM) to manage communication and integration between services inside and outside a mesh.The goals they had were:Getting traces and metrics for the traffic from the mesh to external servicesRedeploying the legacy services in the cloud GKE clusterProgressively migrating traffic to the […]
  • Why (and how) Google Cloud is adding attack path simulation to Security Command Center 24. mars 2023
    As cloud environments scale and evolve based on changing business priorities, security teams may struggle to understand where their biggest risks are and where to focus their security controls. Some cloud security products have begun to incorporate attack path analysis to address this prioritization problem. Attack path analysis is a technique of discovering possible pathways […]
  • How to Connect your Go Application to Cloud SQL 24. mars 2023
    The Cloud SQL Go connector is the easiest way to securely connect your Go application to your Cloud SQL database. If you are writing a Go application, we recommend using the Cloud SQL Go connector.When to use the Cloud SQL Go connectorCloud SQL has two types of connectors:Language-specific connectors - Available for Java, Python, and […]
  • How to transition your career into an in-demand cloud role with suggested job paths 24. mars 2023
    I often get questions from people who are interested in pursuing a career in cloud computing. As the cloud continuously evolves, opportunities open across the major categories of infrastructure, networking, application development, security, operations, automation, data analysis and AI/ML. There is a lot to choose from!So how do you begin building a career in the […]
  • Google is named a Leader in Forrester Data Security Platforms Wave 23. mars 2023
    To help organizations confidently move their sensitive data to the cloud, Google Cloud works diligently to earn and maintain customer trust. Our Trusted Cloud is committed to giving you a secure foundation that you can verify and independently control. Discovery and protection of sensitive data are integral parts of Google Cloud’s strategy to safeguard customer […]
  • Bigtable Monitoring: Client-side metrics 23. mars 2023
    Cloud Bigtable is a NoSQL database service that can achieve single-digit millisecond latency for reads and writes. However, if you're developing applications with complex infrastructure, global customers and millions of interactions, there is potential for unexpected latency. Latency in large scale systems can cause missed business opportunities, poor customer experiences, and disrupted data pipelines. Because Bigtable […]


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